Catherine Flowers, P.I. | Curriculum Director

P.I. Leadership Academy

We Offer 6 Hour Remote Virtual Courses for $300

Our Virtual Remote and On Demand Courses

We offer remote virtual instruction and self-paced On-Demand Instruction.

State of North Carolina six hour live credit with P.I. Leadership Academy!

Course: Active Shooter Training Four Hours credit

Workplace Violence / Active Shooter Preparedness is provided remotely and on-demand:

  • (6 Hr) Remote Live Instruction (Virtual) $300
  • (6 Hr) On Demand Instruction $125

Workplace Violence / Active Shooter Preparedness

(6 Hr) Our Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Preparedness course enables you to equip both management and staff for the possibility of a violent incident.  We provide valuable guidance on managing the aftermath of workplace violence and emphasize the crucial aspect of situational awareness.

COURSE: Private Investigator Continuing Education Workers Comp Six Hours Credit

Worker’s Compensation Law and Surveillance

(6 Hr) Worker’s Comp cases can play a large role in your private investigation business.  Learn how to interact with case managers and create the financial backbone of your practice.  

Worker’s Compensation is provided remotely and on-demand:

  • (6 Hr) Remote Live Instruction (Virtual) $300
  • (6 Hr) On Demand Instruction $125
COURSE: Private Investigator Continuing Education HIPAA Six Hours North Carolina Live

HIPAA Privacy & Security Laws: State & Federal

(6 Hr) Are you a Business Associate as defined by HIPAA? Fines and penalties are steep if you are not in compliance.

Hipaa for Private Investigators is provided on-demand:

  • (6 Hr) On Demand Instruction $125

COURSE: P.E.A.C.E. Interview Techniques Three Hours Credit

P.E.A.C.E. Interview Techniques

(2 Hr) Learn to gather information fairly, effectively, and efficiently using the P.E.A.C.E. model. 

Interview Techniques P.E.A.C.E. Model is provided on-demand:

  • (2 Hr) On Demand Instruction $50

Additional On-Demand Courses

P.I. Continuing Education Stress and Difficult Clients

Managing Stress & Difficult Clients

(3 Hr) Dealing with stress associated with the investigatory process is vital.  Your investigation business is a marathon, not a sprint. 

  • (3 Hr) On Demand Instruction $75
Training for PI's and GPS Location Uses

GPS Tracking for P.I.’s

(2 Hr) GPS tracking can be tricky. Check out our FREE two hour credit course.

Tracking Devices in North Carolina

FREE introductory course that covers tracking device laws in the state of North Carolina. (NO CREDIT)

Free course here.

Interview Techniques: The P.E.A.C.E. Model

Enhance your skillset with the P.E.A.C.E. Interview Model. (2 CEU) 

Learn more here.

HIPAA Privacy and Security Laws: State and Federal

HIPAA compliance is vital for investigators. (6 CEU) 

Learn more here.

Worker’s Compensation Investigation

Worker’s Compensation can be the backbone of your practice. (6 CEU)

Learn more here.


At the PI leadership Academy, we are a team of private investigators with decades of field experience, court experience, and case management. Our fully licensed investigators employ cutting-edge investigative techniques to deliver the best outcome for our clients consistently. Through the years, we have had both successes and failures. After the assignment, we debrief and learned from our experience.  At the PI leadership Academy, our classes draw upon our many years of field experience and the hurdles that investigators face daily.

Through our course work, we share insights that can expand your investigation business as you earn Continuing Education Credits. We will continue to grow our library and deliver PI knowledge.

We look forward to working and learning with you.


PI Education is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and sharing our experience in all facets of private investigation.

  • Nationwide – Our students come from across the United States.

  • Continuing Education Credits – Supported in the designated states.

  • Ongoing – We continually update and enhance our courses.

  • Our Guarantee – Our courses are designed to prepare you to manage your own private investigation business.

  • We’ve Been There – Every facet of PI work is covered.

  • Grow Your Business – Practical and proven insights.

  • Begin Your Business – Avoid common pitfalls.