1.    Purpose and Goals of Course:

This course will prepare you to engage in GPS tracking on behalf of your client.

2.   Learning Objectives:

  1. Overview of GPS tracking
  2. When Is Tracking Lawful (and Unlawful)
  3. Real World GPS Placement Issues
  4. GPS Tracking and Courtroom Testimony
  5. History of GPS Tracking
  6. When You Need a True Tracking Expert and Who to Call at Triangle Tracking

3.   Adult Education Methods Utilized:

  1. Live
  2. Online Rise Course
  3. Case Studies and Statistics
  4. Demonstration of How to Use a Tracker

4.   Agenda

Overview of GPS Trackers

Private Investigators tracks the location of a subject, their vehicle or their property.  GPS tracking can be legal in some instances and some states and unlawful in other instances and other states.

GPS trackers are often used in marital infidelity, suspicions of child neglect from a spouse or ex-spouse, or concerns regarding a teenage child.

We will cover the nuts and bolts of:

    • Legality of Tracking
    • Vehicle Tracking
    • Person Tracking
    • Property Tracking
    • GPS Tracking Evidentiary Use in Court

Placing a Tracker

Placing a tracker can be tricky.  Some cars have a non-metallic undercarriage.  Learn the ins and outs of placing and protecting your tracker.

Course Information

1. Adult Education Methods Utilized

2. Textbook and Course Materials

  • Rise Course
  • Slides
  • Audio
  • On-demand video
  • Downloadable materials
  • Certificate of Completion

3. Course Requirements

  • Internet connection (DSL, LAN, or cable connection desirable)
  • Access to the internet
  • Ability to use a personal computer

4. Course Offerings

  • Certificate of Completion
  • 60-day unlimited course access

5. Course Structure

Participants will use website credentials to log in and access their accounts.  Participants will access online lessons, course materials, and resources.  The course will be broken down into modules for self-paced learning.  Access to the course is limited to 60 days.  Following the completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion for Continuing Education Credits and licensing renewal.  *Make sure this course is approved by your state for licensing renewal.

  • This course will be delivered online through our course management website.  See “Login” above.
  • To access this course online, you will need to access the Internet and a supported Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

6. Technical Assistance

If you require technical assistance at any time during the course or to report a problem:

Email:  cat@pileadershipacademy.com