Infidelity and Your Client

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GPS Tracking for P.I.’s

1.    Purpose and Goals of Course:This course will prepare you to engage in GPS tracking on behalf of your client.2.   Learning Objectives:Overview of GPS trackingWhen Is Tracking Lawful (and Unlawful)Real World GPS Placement IssuesGPS Tracking and Courtroom TestimonyHistory of GPS TrackingWhen You Need a True Tracking [...]

Active Shooter Training

1.    Purpose and Goals of Course for Small Business and PI's This course will prepare you for emergency response readiness and help you understand a proper course of action should you face a life threatening scenario from an active shooter in your business environment, including [...]

HIPAA and Business Associates

1. Introduction to HIPAA for Private Investigators The scope and application of HIPAA Privacy laws and HIPAA Security laws are covered in this course.  While HIPAA is a federal law impacting the entire United States, most individual states have laws that may pre-empt the [...]

Tracking Devices in North Carolina

North Carolina GPS Law as It Relates to Private Investigators NCGS § 14-196.3 Generally it is true that in North Carolina it is unlawful to knowingly install, place, or use an electronic tracking device without consent, or cause an electronic tracking device to be [...]

Workers Compensation Surveillance

Worker's Compensation Investigation Learning Objectives This continuing education private investigator course will: Define “Workers’ Compensation” Provide examples of what Workers’ Compensation covers and what it does not cover List employers' responsibilities in a Workers’ Compensation claim Compare the legal definitions of disability and [...]

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