Infidelity and Your Client

Infidelity and Your Client2022-12-07T08:45:01-05:00

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GPS Tracking in Private Investigation

GPS Tracking Free One Hour CourseMaster the art of GPS tracking as a private investigator with our comprehensive GPS Tracking for P.I.'s course. Gain a thorough understanding of GPS tracking, including its legality, real-world placement challenges, and its role in courtroom testimony. You can [...]

Drone Use in Private Investigation

Introduction In today’s world, technology is evolving at lightning speed. We are being recorded all the time, and recording devices are becoming smaller, more lightweight, and extremely accurate. The agility of such devices allows an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or “drone,” to safely capture stunning high-quality [...]

Nursing Home Investigation

Audience: This course is designed for all private investigators requiring continuing education credits. Designation of Credit: PI Leadership Academy designates this continuing education activity for two (2) contact hours. Introduction: This training course is designed to provide the investigator with a better understanding of elder abuse [...]

Ethical Considerations in Private Investigation

Ethical considerations are fundamental to maintaining the reputation and integrity of the private investigation profession. Violations of ethical standards can result in legal sanctions, damage to one's professional reputation, and potential harm to individuals and organizations involved in the investigation.This course addresses:Privacy and Consent: Private investigators [...]

Employee Termination

COURSE OUTLINE: EMPLOYEE TERMINATION, BEST PRACTICES INSTRUCTOR: CATHERINE D. FLOWERS FORMAT: ON-DEMAND AND VIRTUAL INSTRUCTION Method of Delivery: Online, In Person or Webinar Format Course Requirements: Reliable and consistent internet service Basic computer skills Note-taking skills Training Objectives: Understand the risk factors and consequences of workplace [...]

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