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GPS Expertise

Michael Flowers, founder of Triangle Tracking, has leveraged his personal experience to develop a specialized GPS tracking system for private investigators. With his expertise in GPS functionality, he offers expert witness testimony and coaches attorneys and PI’s in deposition and courtroom scenarios. He understands the need of this profession. 

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GPS Expert Witness

Triangle Tracking Mike Flowers

Triangle Tracking is a GPS tracking system exclusively for private investigators. A GPS (Global Positioning System) expert witness provides testimony in court to explain technical details and data, and how they relate to the case case at hand. A GPS expert witness may be asked to:

  1. Provide background information on GPS technology and how it works.
  2. Explain the accuracy and limitations of GPS systems, including factors such as signal strength, interference, and atmospheric conditions.
  3. Analyze GPS data to determine the location of vehicles, people, or objects at specific times.
  4. Interpret GPS data and maps to help explain how a particular incident occurred, or provide evidence for or against a specific argument.
  5. Discuss the reliability of GPS data and how it can be verified or challenged.
  6. Provide opinions on the authenticity of GPS data.
  7. Assist in preparing exhibits, visual aids, or other materials to help explain difficult concepts to judges and juries.

Overall, GPS expert witnesses play an important role in clarifying technical information and provide critical insights to help support or refute legal claims in court.

Expert Case and Business Management

A modern investigatory firm cannot operate without a modern case management system. Our experts at PI Leadership Academy will review and compare systems to determine which are best suited for your operations.

Exceptional Investigative Techniques

Without expert surveillance techniques, your investigatory practice will be unable to grow. We have examined tried and true methods using the latest technology.

Technical Expertise

The marriage of technology and investigation is the key to an expert, comprehensive.  Know the limits, know the law, and do your best work.

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