Michael Flowers: PI Academy and Cat's Eye Investigation

Cat Flowers

Catherine “Cat” Flowers is the founder and a private investigator of Cat’s Eye Private Investigations in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has been a professional the private Investigations field for over 20 years.

Ms. Flowers began her criminal investigations career as an officer in the Military Police Corps and eventually took her skills to the Raleigh Police Department. Upon retirement from the police department, Cat quickly became an industry leader in the P.I. business. She is currently an active private investigator.

Michael Flowers: PI Academy and Cat's Eye Investigation

Michael Flowers

Michael Flowers is a private investigator with Cat’s Eye Private Investigations, LLC. and serves as the organization’s technology advisor, developer, and manager.

Mr. Flowers is a software developer who successfully created and implemented the private investigation case management system for Cat’s Eye P.I. He is also a computer forensics expert with extensive training in countersurveillance measures. In addition to his technological expertise, Mr. Flowers has over 18 years of experience in the private investigations field.

Our Credentials

Cat Flowers is a retired Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps and a certified drone pilot. This is significant because women make up only 25% of the Military Police Corps and less than 5% of certified drone pilots. Catherine’s teaching experience includes surveillance, drone technology, and training individuals at the beginning of their PI careers. We are excited to create meaningful learning experiences for prospective and professional Private Investigators through our multi-faceted Private Investigator Master Classes.

  • 20+ years investigative experience

  • 20+ years domestic surveillance experience

  • Private investigator trainer

  • Covert surveillance

  • Long-term undercover operations

  • Interview and interrogation experience

  • Legal testimony


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