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HIPAA Business Associates

HIPAA Business Associate

Are you a Business Associate as defined by HIPAA?  Fines and penalties are steep if you are not in compliance.  Learn More Here.

Workers Compensation North Carolina Investigation

Workers Compensation for North Carolina

Workers Compensation has the potential to be the backbone of your investigative practice.  Learn more here.

Interview Techniques

P.E.A.C.E. Interview Technique

Gain a better understanding of elder abuse and techniques employed in assessing nursing home abuse investigations. Learn more here.

Drones in Private Investigation

Drones in Investigation

Discover the drone basics of becoming an FAA licensed UAV pilot and the benefits of UAVs in modern investigations.  Learn more here.

PI Academy Drones in Investigation

Drones:  Accident Reconstruction

Explore the use of UAVs in streamlining the investigation process, as well as the many other applications of modern UAVs. Learn more here.

Smart Device Forensic Analysis

Smart Device Analysis

Make smart device investigation fundamental to your investigative approach.  Learn how to retrieve valuable forensic information.  Learn more here.

Difficult Clients and Stress

Burnout and Stress

Burnout and stress can be fundamental to the investigative practice.  Learn to turn these stressors into positives.  Course Link Soon.

Interview Techniques Fourth Amendment

Interviews and the Fourth Amendment

We address investigatory issues regarding data collected from smart devices n our review of The Fourth Amendment. Learn more here.

Suveillance Techniques Investigation

Surveillance Introduction

Identify the components of conducting a sound and complete investigation together with multiple types of surveillance and resources which will enhance your investigation.Learn more here.

PI Academy Report Writing

Investigative Report Writing

Acquire or refine the skills required to manage a case, take proper notes, and compose an effectively organized investigative report that can be presented to your clients and in court.  Learn more here.

Private Investigator Courtroom Testimony

Courtroom Prep

Be prepared for a challenging court appearance. A knowledgeable approach will assist in overcoming pitfalls that your case may face during aggressive scrutiny.  Learn more here.

Implicit Investigatory Bias

Implicit Investigation Bias

Recognize and address implicit bias.  This bias or prejudice exists but is not consciously held or acknowledged.  Learn more here.

PI Academy Stress in Investigation

Stress and the Private Investigator

Dealing with stress associated with the investigatory process is vital.  Your investigation business is a marathon, not a sprint.   Learn more here.

PI Academy

Ethics for Private Investigators

Let’s look at common issues we can anticipate and address them before they become overwhelming.  Potential conflict pervades private investigation.  Learn more here.

Child Sexual Abuse Investigation

Child Sexual Abuse & Trafficking

Let’s look at common issues we can anticipate and address them before they become overwhelming.  Potential conflicts are everywhere in private investigation.  Learn more here.

Child Interview Techniques

Child Neglect Trauma

Understand the qualifications and prerequisites in accepting a case which addresses sexual or physical childhood abuse.  Learn more here.