Worker’s Compensation Investigation Learning Objectives

This continuing education private investigator course will:

  • Define “Workers’ Compensation”
  • Provide examples of what Workers’ Compensation covers and what it does not cover
  • List employers’ responsibilities in a Workers’ Compensation claim
  • Compare the legal definitions of disability and impairment
  • Assess different factors that may influence a Workers’ Compensation case
  • List the steps involved in an independent medical evaluation
  • Determine how the results of an independent medical evaluation will impact the execution of surveillance
  • Define success and failure conditions for a Workers’ Compensation investigation
  • Evaluate the extent of a claimant’s impairment
  • Distinguish between permanent impairment and temporary impairment
  • Distinguish between partial disability and total disability
  • Identify and implement appropriate surveillance strategies to utilize in a Workers’ Compensation case
  • Practice effective field surveillance
  • Conduct effective social media research
  • Implement ethical investigative practices when conducting social media and online research
  • Use language that is clear to understand and avoid using colloquial language when writing an investigative report.
  • Keep tidy, organized, and easy-to-understand case